Social Action

One of the many core values of Judaism is: Tikkun Olam.. “repairing the world.”afikomen

And, one of the core values of Temple Beth David is social action. As a congregation, we work together

to perform acts of loving kindness. Each year, we do different projects and also have a few annual ones, as well.DSC01471

Bar/Bat Mitzvah Project – Each teen, as they prepare for their Bar/Bat Mitzvah and move closer to adulthood, find a way to give back to the community whether by raising funds for a cause, planning an event to draw awareness to a cause, collected items (e.g., shoes, cans of food) for those in need, visiting the sick, or building something with their own two hands.  Click here to see 2013 Bar/Bat Mitzvah Projects!

Mazon Food Drive – Every Yom Kippur, hundreds of our congregants and guests donate bags of non perishables so that we can help feed the hungry.

Blood Drive – We annually (sometimes twice a year), hold a Red Cross blood drive at our Temple. Each year, more and more congregants and their friends donate blood.


Chanukah Party 2013

Chanukah Party 2013

Adopt Families in Need during the Holidays  – The Temple along with some of our Chavurahs have adopted four families in need as part of  an effort organized by Jewish Federation and Family Services of Orange County.

City of Compassion – Our synagogue is leading the way in Westminster to become a recognized City of Compassion. By inspiring the nonprofits and other faith based organizations throughout the city to sign the charter, and be part of the Compassion Games, Temple Beth David will definitely be influential in inspiring a tremendous amount of Tikkun Olam right in their own neighborhood.