Member Spotlight

A unique focus on our very special members.

Laurie Schneider

Posted on Mar 1, 2014 in Member Spotlight

When you ask people the question, “What’s your earliest Jewish experience?” the answers will of course be varied. For Laurie Schneider, it was as a young toddler sitting in a balcony next to her mom, grandmother, and aunt with all the men, including her brother, sitting down below at the Orthodox synagogue where her Hungarian grandparents belonged.  When it came time for Laurie to begin preparing for her Bat Mitzvah, her parents switched to a Conservative synagogue.  By 1976 as a young adult, Laurie became member of our Reform synagogue. Raised in Fairfield, Connecticut, in a...

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Eugene & Shirley Ross

Posted on Feb 1, 2014 in Member Spotlight

Shirley had been on a work-study program for a year to Israel after graduating high school and when she came back to the United States she told her parents that she was seriously thinking of making aliyah (immigrating) to Israel.  Her mother was aghast at the notion and came up with a plan.  She started asking all her friends and acquaintances if they knew of a nice Jewish boy for Shirley to meet in the hopes that it would keep her here in the states.  The plan worked flawlessly!  One of her business acquaintances gave her Eugene’s phone number and the 2 went out, were married 5 months...

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The Netzer Family

Posted on Dec 31, 2013 in Member Spotlight

We kick off the New Year with spotlighting Lee and Elaine Netzer, who were drawn to Temple Beth David in 2005 due to the warmth of its mid-size congregation. Though born Jewish, Elaine was not exposed to any religious practices as a child. Now, she is making up for lost time by embracing the faith. She even set a goal to read the entire Hebrew Bible (a study Bible with Talmudic commentary) by year 2014 and she’s well on her way to accomplish this! Lee, an identical twin who tragically lost his twin brother in an auto accident 35 years ago, was raised in a very Jewish neighborhood in the...

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The Duclos Family

Posted on Dec 6, 2013 in Member Spotlight

  Their story could read like a captivating screen play. He, Frederic, lived nearly 6,000 miles away in France. She, Karen, lived in North America having moved to Huntington Beach from Brooklyn when she was five. He went to a Catholic boarding school for eight years; she, raised as a Conservadox Jew, attended the Hebrew Academy for several years and spent six months on a religious kibbutz in Israel.  Excelling academically, she began college (pre-med) after completing only two years of high school.  He earned three Masters Degrees – one of which from University of Tokyo –...

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The Alban Family

Posted on Dec 1, 2013 in Member Spotlight

“She fell in love with corned beef…and with corny Jon!” says husband Jon Alban of his beshert wife Marcela who he met while out with his parents at the Jerry’s Deli in Costa Mesa.  (She was dining with a girlfriend at a close by table.)  One year later they were engaged and within four months married.  The wedding specifically took place on Purim in precious memory of the Grandma Esthers they both had lost just prior to meeting. (Yes, they both had a Grandma Esther who, they are convinced, are responsible for their match made in heaven.) It’s surprising the two didn’t meet...

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The Schwartz Family

Posted on Oct 3, 2013 in Member Spotlight

One of the many wonderful things about Temple Beth David is how easy it is for members to volunteer their talents for anything they would like to do that contributes towards a better TBD experience.  This month’s member spotlight, Don and Gloria Schwartz, are a couple who through their talents and contributions make TBD an even more enjoyable and meaningful temple. “All you have to do is want to do, and then you do,” says Gloria.  “All you need is the desire to do… and there’s room for everybody!” Helping out is Gloria’s daily credo. She says that as a Jew she feels that...

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Marvin & Evelyn Marshall

Posted on Aug 2, 2013 in Member Spotlight

Many throughout the world know Marvin and Evelyn Marshall as prolific writers.  The two, who have been married for 57 years, are also generous members of Temple Beth David and their lives tell a wonderful story. Evelyn, a first generation American, was raised in the Reform movement by parents of Russian ancestry. To them Judaism was an ethnicity rather than a religion.  Marv was born in Detroit, Michigan to parents of primarily Polish ancestry.  A rabbi once referred to his father as “the most religious non-religious Jew you’d ever meet.” Marv’s mother, on the other hand, was...

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Robin Hoffman

Posted on Jul 10, 2013 in Member Spotlight

Congratulations to Robin Hoffman!  She is now Rabbi Robin Hoffman.  In ceremonies held in Los Angeles in June, she, and seven of her fellow classmates, were granted Smicha (ordination) by the Academy for Jewish Religion, CA (AJRCA), a transdenominational rabbinic school dedicated to training men and women to become spiritual leaders to serve all Jews and Jewish movements.  Among an extensive contingent of family and friends cheering her on, in the audience were TBD members Ros Sudakow (Mother),  Max and Florence Sudakow (Uncle and Aunt), and lifelong friends Bernie and Lois Beskind. In...

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Judy Turner

Posted on May 9, 2013 in Member Spotlight

This is a story of overcoming obstacles, of hope and determination, and finding one’s self…and even more importantly, learning to like one’s self. I’m honored to spotlight Judy (Tobias) Turner this month. May is the perfect time to feature her story as spring brings new blossoms and once dormant plants now burst with color.  Judy will be the first to tell you how much she has blossomed over the years.  Though the product of a challenging childhood and young adulthood, she can honestly now say she is very happy and that both G-d and Temple Beth David have played instrumental...

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The Korn Family

Posted on Apr 3, 2013 in Member Spotlight

Recently, we had a speaker at temple who addressed the topic “Why do Jews excel in life?” One factor cited was the positive impact a strong family unit has on one’s ability to succeed. Such is the case for the Korn family, temple members since 2004. Jerrold, Ellen, and daughter Marissa continue to make their mark at our temple and in the community living with the values their own parents and grandparents handed down to them. Ellen was recently named Teacher of the Year at the Westminster’s Eastwood Elementary School where she stands out as a leader  who attends teacher trainings,...

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