Brainiac – Fun-loving rabbi makes a believer out of Westminster City Council

Posted on May 15, 2014 in Press

Rabbi Myers

Rabbi Myers

The Westminster City Council has declared May 9 as Rabbi Nancy Rita Myers Day. Myers of Temple Beth David has been a guest columnist for the Register.


Poking around the Internet the other day, we decided to drop back in on our friendly neighborhood city council meetings and have a look-see at the lesser items on the agendas, where you usually find they’ve hidden the most interesting stuff.

For instance, the Westminster City Council was all set to consider a new ordinance on whether you can keep bees and chickens in your backyard or at least we thought they were until we realized we’d Googled up Westminster, Colo.

Doh! Don’t you hate it when a perfectly wonderful story – the Battle of the Bees and Chickens Ordinance! – runs aground on the shoals of actual facts? (Still, if you ask Brainiac, we should all be allowed to have bees and chickens out back of the house: Fresh eggs and honey? Add some toast and that’s a fine breakfast!)

Back in the right state, we managed to find a fine nugget of news tucked under the special presentations category of the real Westminster council agenda for the last meeting of April. Hear ye, hear ye, let it be known that May 9 shall be declared Rabbi Nancy Rita Myers Day in this fine city of Westminster, the agenda proclaimed in language much duller than our own.

Now Brainiac knows all (even when we forget which state we live in) and we particularly know Rabbi Myers of Temple Beth David. When the Lil Brainies were toddlers, we sent them to the early childhood development center at the temple where they received a top-flight preschool education, as well as a grounding in the Jewish faith to complement the Christian background with which they were born.

Rabbi Myers, who has written guest columns for the Register, came to work at Temple Beth David midway through our time there and was a sincerely lovely person to know. Her daughter was in our daughter’s class, so we’d run into each other at birthday parties and other affairs where the rabbi’s fun-loving style was always a breath of fresh air. How much so? Let’s just say, if there was a slip-and-slide set up in the backyard, the little kids weren’t always the only ones to take a ride down it.

Beyond that, we’ve lately been attending bat mitzvahs as the pre-teen Brainy’s old pre-school pals reach that religious landmark, and Rabbi Myers runs a darn fine service there, too. So, Friday, May 9, send some good thoughts to the good rabbi and the congregation that brought her here, Brainiac and the Westminster City Council say.

Quickly, over to the Garden Grove City Council, where this interesting tidbit was recently addressed. As part of the Re: Imagine Garden Grove project to revitalize downtown, a suggestion came in to hold an “open streets” event, the idea being to close off streets that are usually driven on by cars and open them for pedestrians and bicyclists for a day or so.

At its meeting at the end of April, the council agreed to move forward with its consultants’ plans for an event to take place on Oct. 12. More than 2.5 miles of city streets will be closed, a circuit formed roughly around the civic center and downtown portions of Garden Grove, including pieces of Garden Grove Boulevard, Euclid Street and Stanford Avenue.

“This community celebration will help bring the downtown of the future into the present by creating a pop-up version of the newly imagined heart of the city,” stated a city report on the plan. “Through multicultural performances, temporary public art, a culinary stage, interactive children’s activities, a food truck zone and vendor marketplace, event-goers will explore downtown in its current form while envisioning what it could become.”

Sounds like a fine afternoon in the city. Sign us up.