Lasting Legacies

Enduring Tributes for Family and Friends

LastingLegacies-194x300As an expression of love, honor and memory, Temple Beth David is now offering members the opportunity to create a lasting legacy by naming areas of our synagogue. Walking by a commemorative plaque reminds us of families and individuals who are respected and appreciated. Seeing their names tangibly inscribed reminds us of their generosity, values and love. Elegant and enduring, plaques are available in memory of or in honor of family and friends. Rooms will be acknowledged by their names as we remember our past, connect with our present and look towards the future.
We are thrilled to offer this opportunity to honor family and friends while helping our Temple build for the future.



Sanctuary Pillars $25,000
Spielman Schmooze & Bridal Room dedicated
Choir Loft $25,000
Temple Beth David Main Office $18,000
Rabbi’s Study $18,000
Cantor’s Study $18,000
Sisterhood Gift Shop $18,000
Religious School Office dedicated
Preschool Office $18,000
Religious School/Preschool Double Classrooms (Rooms 10 & 11) dedicated
Preschool Double Classroom (Rooms 1 & 2) $18,000
Religious School/Preschool Single Classrooms (Lucky B’nei Mitzvah Number) $13,000
Administrator’s Office $10,000
Piano dedicated
Rabbi’s Chair $7,500
Cantor’s Chair $7,500
Rabbi’s Lectern dedicated
Cantor’s Lectern dedicated
Choir Room dedicated
Tree(s) Planted in Memory of $3,600
Other Bimah Chairs $3,600
Sanctuary Pew (center aisle) $3,600
Sanctuary Pew (sides) $1,800
Mezuzah (Major entryways of Sanctuary) dedicated
Mezuzah (Major entryways of School Bldgs & Social Hall) $1,800
Tree of Life, Stone $1,000
Existing Memorial Board $360
Tree of Life, Leaf $180

Thank you to those who have thus far contributed to the Lasting Legacies program. Your generosity is very meaningful.

  • The Bushinsky Family dedicated the choir room in honor of Cantor Harry and Fay Newman.
  • The Kahn Family dedicated a pew in memory of Manfred Kahn.
  • Dr. Marvin & Evelyn Marshall have dedicated classrooms 10 & 11.
  • The Alkov Family dedicated a beautiful sanctuary mezuzah.
  • The Zenk Family has dedicated a stone on the Tree of Life.
  • The 2010 Confirmation Class dedicated a stone on the Tree of  Life
  • The Caplan Family dedicated the Rabbi’s lectern in memory of Al Caplan
  • Jan Klein dedicated a small pew in memory of Harriet Goldberg and Helen M. Smith
  • The Scheuer Family dedicated a small pew in memory of Robert A. Gross and Joseph L. Scheuer
  • Charlie & Cathy Niederman dedicated the Religious School office in memory of Kenneth Bates & Molly Bates Adleman and Edward & Miriam Niederman.
  • The Temple Beth David Brotherhood dedicated a stone on the Tree of Life in honor of Mark Bennett
  • Daniel and Patrice Levin dedicated the piano in honor of their parents and children.
  • Dr. Jacqueline Sklar Ward dedicated a pew in the memory of her father Richard L. Sklar.
  • The Horn Family dedicated the BBQ area of the outside patio in memory of Ted Horn.
  • A pew was dedicated in memory of Gary Prince.
  • Bridal Room dedicated by Howard & Diane Spielman.

If you are interested in honoring a family member or friend you can create a “Lasting Legacy” by contacting the Rabbi at or 714-892-6623 ext. 227. For the Lasting Legacy Policies, click here.